About the Nigeria Content Investment Forum (NCIF)

The Nigerian Content Investment Forum took off in 2015 to a flying start largely because it was designed to fill a gap between available prospects and opportunities for business people from Sub-Saharan Africa and their American, European, Asian and Middle-East counterparts. The Forum is being organized under the aegis of collaboration between Sweetcrude, the Guardian Newspapers, the Nigerian Content Development Monitoring Board (NCDMB) and other like-minded organizations.

Efforts at achieving the objectives of the NCIF received appreciable traction at the 2016 event where the city authorities issued a proclamation declaring May 2nd, 2016 the NCIF day. Similar recognition from the US Congress was also conferred on the organizers during the event.

The NCIF 2017 scheduled for May 3, 2017 alongside the Offshore Technology Conference, OTC, at The Houstonian Hotel, 111 North Post Oak Lane, Houston, Texas 77024, is being organized as a public – private partnership to enable the Board pursue the following objectives:

  1. Bring Nigerian oil and gas SMEs who have manufacturing pedigree together with original international equipment manufacturers of components, including but not limited to valves, pipes and other industry fittings.
  2. Simulate collaboration between Nigerian SMEs and the OEMs towards local manufacture of key inputs of oil and gas components.
  3. Showcase the gains of the Nigerian Content Act and the opportunities for collaboration, growth and development contained therein.
  4. Create a sustainable platform for annual interaction between credible professionals and stakeholders in the oil & gas industry – particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa, USA, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
  5. Enable credible stakeholders share experience, identify possible synergies in the various areas of operation so that professionals and entrepreneurs alike can collaborate to develop and optimize Nigeria’s hydrocarbon asset as well as those in other Sub-Saharan African countries.
  6. Enhance hydrocarbon stakeholders’ ability to key into opportunities emanating from the Obama Power Africa initiative.

Theme: “Enhancing OEM/SME collaboration to grow Nigerian Content”


  • Organizers: Welcome address
  • The Mayor of Houston: Special message
  • The Executive Secretary of the NCDMB: Keynote address/Organize discussions
  • Nigeria’s Minister of Petroleum Resources: Special message

Technical presentation/sessions to cover:

  • Opportunities for OEM/SME collaboration in Nigeria’s oil & gas industry;
  • Financing gaps in Nigeria’s oil & gas industry;
  • Creative financing

Target Participants:

  • Oil and Gas OEMs
  • Service companies
  • Marginal Field Operators,
  • Independent producers
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers,
  • Banks/Financiers and Equity/Angel Investors
  • Gas/Power/hydrocarbon service companies.
  • IOC’s

Government stakeholders:

  • NCDMB,
  • Department of Petroleum Resources, DPR,
  • National Petroleum Investment Management Services, NAPIMS,
  • Trade & Investment/Free Trade Zone Authorities,
  • Nigeria Customs Services,
  • NDPHC,
  • NERC,
  • PTDF,
  • NEITI,
  • NDDC,
  • State govt.

Private sector stakeholders:

  • IOCs, especially those headquartered in the US,
  • Members of Petan,
  • Multinational petroleum industry services providers,
  • Local and international financial institutions,
  • Gas producers,
  • Electricity producers
  • Equipment manufacturers & vendors
  • Financial institutions
  • Nigeria Stock Exchange